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23.05.2013 16:47


EVTEKS 19th İstanbul Home Textiles Fair in which thousands of goods regarding home textiles were exhibited rejoiced participants and visitors partaken upon in terms not only of trade but also of the propounded rich content.

The fair which was thronged both by foreign and domestic buyers was visited by 118.413 visitors out of which 39.275 was foreigners.

EVTEKS in which recent developments regarding home textiles stride upon and the goods steering the trend and fashion were offered for visitors drew intense interest. Inaugurated on 15th of May and ended on 19th of May, the fair was carried out in cooperation of CNR International Fair and Organizations, a subsidiary of CNR Holdings, and TETSİAD – Turkish Home Textile Industrialists and Businessmen Association.

The foreign participant countries of the fair which was held in 11 halls comprising of 160 thousand square meter area were primarily formed of countries as Spain, Italy, Belgium, France and Germany followed by Austria, United Kingdom, Greece, Holland, Switzerland, Poland, Azerbaijan, USA, Emirates, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Russian Federation, India, Pakistan, China, Taiwan and TRNC. Spain, Italy, Belgium and Morocco had partaken by their own country pavilion. Manifattura Tessile Di Nole M.T.Spa, Enzo, Mario Cavelli, Ter Molst International, Symphony Mills, Angelo Carillo and Karim Rashid For Arben were companies and brands which established stands by attending fair from these countries.

Buyers placed orders in huge amounts

Evteks in which approximately 1000 firms operating both nationally and internationally partaken visited by buyer groups from over 50 countries overseas. USA, Germany, Japan, France, Austria, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Colombia, Brazil, Russian Federation, Spain, Morocco, Iran and China were among the visitor countries. In the fair in which buyer groups had placed orders in huge amounts undersigned substantial trade agreements. Visitors attended to fair spent three times more than a visitor tourist in terms of transportation, accommodation and catering.

In the fair in which the following year home textile trends were designated the main theme was “Discover”. The trends which were set down by practices of French trend tout agent Nelly Rodi were presented on Evteks Trend Area around this concept. In the Designer part of the Fair French, British, German, American and Swiss world famous design studios were participated. Also, the seminars attended by famous designers had drawn great interest at Evteks.

Product groups of Evteks were formed of gauze, curtain, guipure, upholstery, curtain accessories, bedchamber textiles, towel and bathroom textiles, floor and wainscoting and gauze mechanisms.

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