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FMC China 2013

Furniture Manufacturing & Supply China

Concurrently with FMC Premium 2013 and Furniture China 2013 from

11-14 September 2013, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center

Woodworking Machinery, Furniture Raw Materials

850 Exhibitors  71,000 Sqm  35,000 Trade Buyers

Overseas Pavilions at FMC China 2013

Chinese Furniture and Raw Material Assembly

‘Furniture Manufacturing & Supply China 2013’ (FMC China 2013) will be staged at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC) from September 11-14, 2013 concurrently with ‘FMC Premium 2013’. The total surface area of FMC China 2013 will be 71,000 sqm, and it is expected to attract 850 domestic and overseas exhibitors.

FMC China 2013 will be held across two venues. The main venue is the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center (SWEECC), and will feature exhibits in over 80 categories products including Woodworking Machinery & Tools, Furniture Hardware & Fittings, Furniture Inspection Design & Services, Cabinet/Wardrobe Fittings & Furniture Lighting Accessories, Furniture Panels & Surface Deco, Furniture Fabric & Leather, Upholstery Furniture Components & Supplies, Semi-finished Furniture, Office Furniture Supplies & Gas Springs, Furniture Coatings, Adhesives and Chemicals Products.

The second venue is the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center (SNIEC), which will host industry-leading brands concentrated on showcasing leading-edge products as well as a large market in the forecourt.

Seven Associations and Six Overseas Purchasing Groups

Trade buyers from Brazil, Vietnam, India, Korea, Malaysia and Turkey will be organized through our worldwide agent network, and national industry associations from across the world will come to visit FMC China 2013 to fulfill their purchasing needs.

Seven Group and Associations will share their new technologies and products onsite. These are the States of North Carolina Pavilion, the American Hardwood Export Council, the Swedish Trade & Invest Council, the French Timber Industry Association, the Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association, the Yuhang Home Textile Industry Association and the Asia International Furniture Material Trading Center.

‘Asia Start’ Get Ready for FMC China 2013

In September, the Asia International Furniture Material Trading Center will organize a group of well-known furniture material enterprises in Guangdong to participate at FMC China 2013. This is the third time for Asia Start has organized joint pavilions for this exhibition, and this shows the brand strength and image of Guangdong furniture material enterprises.

This exhibition will adopt “New Technology, New Material” as its theme, and scientific research, innovation and practical environmental protection will form the core, with displays of new products developed by Guangdong furniture material enterprises. In terms of leather and hardware accessory materials, there will be a batch of high-quality products developed by new technologies which will be exhibited at this event. Compared to similar products, these will have the advantage in the field of user-performance, environmental performance and appearance, and will be highly regarded by furniture production enterprises.

The Yuhang Home Textile Industry Association will participate at FMC China 2013

Zhejiang Yuhang is one of the most important home textile industry bases in China, with its sofa and curtain fabrics occupying half of the domestic market. Every year, its products are exported to Europe, America, SE Asia and the Middle East. In 2012, the output value for the Yuhang Home Textile industry surpassed RMB 10 billion.

To broaden sales channels and gain direct matches with the furniture industry, the Yuhang Home Textile Industry Association has joined hands with several brand enterprises such as Hangzhou Tiansen Textile Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Yiliao Textile Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Tianhong Textile Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Sl Comfort Home Textile Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Tata Tex Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Xinfang Fabric Co., Ltd. to attend FMC China 2013. During the expo, home textile companies will interact face-to-face with upholstery furniture manufacturers.

‘The Hometown of Chinese Mattress Fabric’ will feature in the First Leading Brand Collection for the Global Furniture Manufacturing Industry

With the theme “brand & innovation”, the First Leading Brand Collection for the Global Furniture Manufacturing Industry will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on 11-15 September, concurrently with FMC China 2013.

This year, brand enterprises from Xiaoshan Yiqiao, such as Hangzhou Tianye Jacquard Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Xiaoshan Meixin Decorative Fabric Plant, Hangzhou Dongya Textile Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Xiaoshan Rongli Clothing Co., Ltd. have confirmed their attendance at this Leading Brand Collection. They will bring their new products and introduce their new blueprint to the worldwide trade buyers.

Xiaoshan Yiqiao is renowned as “The Hometown of Chinese Mattress Fabric” and has an output accounting for 80% of the total for China. It is also one of the largest mattress fabric manufacturing bases in the world.

Meanwhile, Shandong Lang Fabo, Jiaxing Li Hai, Thailand Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Young Enterprise and other industry well-known enterprises have signed up for The First Leading Brand Collection, and will bring along excellent high-end product technologies to promote the development of the furniture industry.

The 2013 China Furniture Industry Upstream and Downstream Industry Linkage

Chinese Furniture and Raw Material Assembly

FMC China 2013 will focus on downstream industry linkage for the furniture manufacturing industry together with the China Furniture Association, and 40 professional forums and conferences will be held onsite dealing with subject matter such as intelligent management, smart coatings, green panels and innovative design.

The Assembly will invite several famous speakers including the following: Xue Yu, holder of a U.S. MBA and a professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University; Yang Mingjie, the famous industrial product designer, and the winner of the German Red Dot Award, the iF Award , Japan's G-Mark Award and other international renowned design awards; Shi yeping, the design consultant for Dutch fashion trends institution, KET; AJ Schep, the famous Dutch designer and fashion trend forecasting expert, and other famous guests from overseas. From macro to micro, the assembly will apprize you of the status of the Chinese furniture production industry and new trends, along with discussion on how to face the new challenges for upgrading the industry.

The New Products & New Technology Showcase at SNIEC

There will be a 20 sqm booth at the entrance to each hall for FMC exhibitors to display their sophisticated technologies and products. Dealing with over 100,000 trade buyers from 160 countries and regions, this kind of showcase will certainly enhance your business opportunities and company image.

Up until the present time, Langfarbe Power Coating Technology Co., Ltd., Jieyang City Canhuang Hardware Products Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chunky Industrial Co., Ltd., the DIDC Decor Interior Design Center, Beijing Jin Bo Xiang Qi Cloth Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Innovation Textile Co. Ltd., Xin Dong Sheng Decoration Material Co., Ltd., Linak (Shenzhen) Actuator Systems Ltd. and Kaiping Ruixin Furniture Component Co., Ltd. have all agreed to participate.

Technical Seminars & New Product Launches

From September 11-13, Technical Seminars will be held by exhibitors to create the latest industry trends, explore the upgrading of industrial structure and develop industry market demand.

Langfarbe Power Coating Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Tianye Jacquard Co.,Ltd., Okin Refined Electric Technology Co., Ltd., the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Meixin Decorative Fabric Plant, Hangzhou Dongya Textile Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Chunky Industrial Co., Ltd., Young Hangzhou Industry Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Xiaoshan Rongli Clothing Co., Ltd. will all release their new products and hold seminars onsite.

Furniture Exhibitors’ Exclusive Day

On September 12-13, the organizer will invite exhibitors at Furniture China and trade buyers to visit FMC. We will arrange special shuttle buses and guides for the visiting group in an attempt to ensure a comfortable experience for each member.

For FMC online pre-registration, please visit: 

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