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02.11.2012 13:16

glavnMODEF EXPO 2012 – one of the bigest furniture exhibition in Turkey

MODEF EXPO 2012 was opened to trade visitors on 10-14 October 2012. The 28th edition of MODEF EXPO was launched at International Exhibition Center in Inegol, Bursa – TURKEY.

MODEF EXPO 2012 – the second largest exhibition in Turkey for Furniture presented exquisite modern, classic, antique and modular furniture; dining and bedgroups; armchairs, chairs and sofas; baby and young rooms; and furniture accessories.

MODEF EXPO 2012 presented the latest trends and designs in furniture with 152 exhibiting companies and labels. It is visited by 18.675 professionals including 1.846 foreign visitors.

Today, furniture is one of the most important and dynamic sector in Turkey with over US $ 6 billion production, almost 25% of which is marketed in international markets, and with 300.000 jobs in 60.000 companies. The furniture industry also has particular importance for Turkey due to its promising export potential.

The industry is clustered mainly in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa (Inegol) and Kayseri. These regions are either in the center of forest resources or near large domestic markets.

Woodworking art in Inegol goes back to early 20th century. And today Inegol is holding position of being centre of Turkish Furniture Sector. Now the local brand will be the world brand. More than 300 furniture exporter companies in Inegol, export «INEGOL FURNITURE» to approximately 100 countries in the world.

Modern and classical sofa sets, bedroom sets, diningroom sets, sitting groups, sofas, coaches, children and young room furniture, kitchen and furniture accessories are the most preferred types of Inegol products.

Through MODEF which is organized locally; and MODEF EXPO which is organized internationally, are the furniture exhibitions that are organized every year in Inegol, local companies of the sector guests both national and international businessmen and consumers and get the opportunity to promote InegolFurniture.

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